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Bachmann Fireplaces is an authorized installer of Tulikivi Soapstone fireplaces. We install fireplaces in fine homes throughout southern Wisconsin, including the metropolitan areas of Madison and Milwaukee, and in Northern Illinois, including the Chicago metropolitan area.

A fireplace can be a decorative element much like a painting or sculpture an object whose streamlined shape pleases the eye and stands the test of time. The square doors emphasize the straight, geometric lines of the fireplace.

The Warm Heart of Your Home

It happened some three billion years ago. The world was a ball of fire and smoke. Then the crust of the globe began to cool. Miles under the surface of the earth, under tremendous pressure and heat, minerals began to crystallize changing form, becoming stronger. So, too, in the heart of the Karelian mountains, in what is now the municipality of Juuka in Karelia, Finland. Here, nature created something rare and wonderful soapstone.

Tulikivi fireplaces are made of this marvelous material. And Bachmann Natural Stone Fireplaces can help you bring one of these extraordinary fireplaces into your home.

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